Greg Birett - Bass Guitar & Vocals

 Greg, (aka Jazzman), crafted his musical talents while on an extended stake out deep in  the BC interior. During his subsequent covert operations, he was forced to live on the west coast of Canada and played in various local Vancouver bands as a cover.

When his cover became compromised, he quickly moved east and took up the guise as a ferrier in Southern Ontario, but Greg's talents developed during his western operations, turned into a passion for music.
Greg continued to cloak himself behind his Fender Jazz Bass guitar in a couple of local bands called "One More Round" and "Well Travelled" before joining the classic rock band "Undercover" in 2011.

Greg's musical influences range right across the radio dial, from jazz, to pop, to rock,and to a newfound appreciation of new country, (courtesy of his wife who's identity must  remain a secret due to the witness protection program). All of this talent is supported by a solid foundation of good old classic rock.

Greg may be soft spoken on the outside, but he provides the backbone of the band offering up solid bass lines and vocal support. Greg's past is somewhat shadowed in mystery and intrigue, so no one may ever really know what makes him tick...a perfect agent for The Undercover Band.