Gary Saamanen - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

The true identity of this master of disguises is not fully known. He has been referred to in different circles as; G-Man, G-Unit, G-Spot, Chest Hair, or just simply G. He has been reported to appear in various venues disguised is numerous ways ranging from the Mullet Man, to a Shaolin Monk, and most recently a rhythm guitar player and vocalist.

Aa a mostly trained Martial Artist and barely trained Guitarist, this member of the "Undercover" society, is an active agent engaging in covert operations and counter-terrorism efforts in unknown destinations, none of which are sanctioned by any government agency.
Somewhat of a freelancer, "G" eminates a mild mannered demeanor to those unaware of his alter ego. There is documented evidence of him disguising himself as a musician as far back as the early 70's. He has been performing with bands playing various genres throughout the years, including; Country, Bluegrass, Folk and most recently, Classic Rock.

Always a fan of technology, "G" has been spotted recently playing a Godin LGXT giutar, supported by a Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth, and a TC Helicon Vocal Processor, all powered through a Behringer keyboard amp. Look for him on a stage near you!