Barry Brown - Percussion & Vocals

Barry "THE HIT MAN" fills out the percussion end of The Undercover Band. He is known for his sense of humour and astounding fashion sense. By day, he assumes the guise of a business man presenting seminars to unknowing customers, by night...?

When Barry is not hitting the skins with The Undercover Band, he's abroad executing "hits" on his unaware victims, the lucky ones who have made the paid list for one reason or another. The reasons why are never asked, this is just Barry's professional code of ethics.

Barry is rumoured to frequent the Sao Paulo area of Brazil as well as the Asian areas of the globe. If he's not off doing "seminars", he's probably on some covert mission funded by the government or those who wish to remain anonymous. You think Jack Bauer is good? He fears crossing Barry, 24 hours a day!

Barry is also an accomplished keyboard player and has been known to tickle the ivories on occasion. This we think is one of his patented methods of extracting information from his "clients".

Below is one of the rare photos of Barry, obtained from Interpol. It will self destruct in 5 seconds!